Andronics makes Deep penetrating Equipment

For in and above the earth, to locate most all Materials, Gold, Silver, Copper, and most of the 118 Elements in the universe, This is the SBDP Technology. 
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One has to tunnel into what I’m trying to explain and describe, but these are Key thoughts of how to develop devices (apparatuses) that work (seeing that something), and of course, theories that are obtainable in the world we live in (the Cosmos). Also realize certain Materials and the combinations of different Elements blended together can also sense other things (something) like uncommon Materials, Elements, Crystals, and other supernatural things; supernatural thinking that can make extraordinary inventions/mechanism that can do all of the above. Please read the Big book on “ Handbook of Chemistry and Physics” understand this book. Of course, equipment has to be created and built to accomplish all of the above. THIS IS AMAZING TECHNOLOGY, AND HAS US GOV. NUMBER ASSIGNED TO IT

"The Super Blue Domain Poly shift"

Is it possible to stop a bullet from firing, and stop a detonation, very much so, please ask for more information

ASB manufactures handmade Detector for certain uses, Please let us know, and we can build it 

"I offer a lecture on this technology", Please ask or send me an email


ASB can build just about any kind of equipment for you, no matter what the nee is, we can do it. We built equipment for the US, China, and Japan Governments. We do this around the world and in some cases in other countries. And at a fair price, this is American made and we may have some Global materials. We also train and can perform and operations for you. We have a team of experts ready. We are associated with most of the major universities; we also can come to your country and give seminaries. The team is ready to do a demo for you; This technology can be put in to bullet proof vest and also as a cell phone add-on. In some applications we place a unit in the ground and can also spot tunnels. The technology can literally be encased in concert, or on a drone, The units we have also work very well in underwater uses, and behind walls, please see our demos on youtube All info is confidential  in many respects it has the ability to detect nukes and of course defuse there fuel. Of course this can prevent the unit from detonation. Once more this is US Technology and amazing how it works. We try and give a short overview on our other sites.

Forward:   History and Background

So offend with the relationship between Spiritual Things, Life, Space, Time, Pure Science, Dreams and what we call Real World Physics we tend to get perplexed regarding their relationships and interaction. Our thinking becomes very convoluted and get so ridiculous deep we can’t see the simple solution in front of us. The way we as mankind approach a problem or an idea can become as different as theirs sands in the sea. I will not try to convoluted or make things complex. I will try and give the reader a very straightforward and clear view of what is going on. Some time I re-state the problem in different terms to make it extremely clear. I think it is the writer’s job to make things very clear to the reader. It is very important the reader knows how I deduce and reason out a problem.  So this is why I wanted to give you a little background of how I think. This way you may understand why I write the way I do. I do have people review my writing but they can’t change the functionality and meaning of what I want to say. But please understand I believe that one of the most important things is how a person thinks. How a person approaches a problem and solves it, this is some times more important than getting the supposedly correct answer. And do realize some time there is no right or wrong answer. I also try and not to use complex words or sentences. I do try and keep it simple. Equations and theory can become very complex to understand, As a Theoretical Mathematician I want to sometime over whelm the reader with mathematics when most of the time simple math will explain the concept and show the answer. When dealing with some equations like Maxwell’s on electromagnetic the math becomes too much for this paper and I will try and defer to a general part of the equation. So please bear with me as I want to write for the Layperson and the scientist. I know this is hard to do but in some cases it is necessary. Also realize it is hard to put equations in to a text without importing graphics. I will try and put in as many needed. And please note that the basic theory of the topic Super Blue Domain Polyshift (SBDP) is very complex and with mathematics it would be extremely hard to understand at first reading. I have modeled most of what I talked about regarding equations and certain types of test in another document. Most of the time I model a theory and make a experiment and perform tests, this sometimes produces different results. Then I go back and re-model the theories and equations.  I use Mathematics, Math Cad. Mat Lab, and some other programs. Many great geniuses of our times have done many empirical lab experiments and had amazing results. In fact most of the great discoveries come from experimental work and simple accidents. The scientist and engineers analyze the work and apply Mathematics and equations to the work done. Faraday and Maxwell worked like this. I encourage people to build and try, some time blindly, but keep experimenting even if it does not make any sense. It is amazing what we miss when we are in the maze. It is also very good to get a person with a flair for creativity while you are doing experiments; it is also a very safe idea and a good witness for your work. And realize that your results may not be what you expect, but it may have some other application in another field. I personally had thrown away many ideas and experiments because they were not perfect and I did not see an application for them. Once more keep experimenting and trying. DON’T GIVE UP UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I built an actuator for a robot in the sands in Florida, USA, I wrote my paper in the back of a small Truck, I worked in a 10 X 10 room and designed the transformers, and I gave demos to NASA and Macdonald Douglas engineers in the back of a taxi. I have designed on paper and napkins presentations for JPL, NASA, Army and Navy and the Pentagon. I rolled a Robotic arm around the Pentagon; I sleep in Airports and cars. You will pay a high price but DON’T GIVE UP. Faraday and Tesla were Great experimental scientist, and builders. Leon Foucault (The Pendulum) worked with many great scientist and mathematicians; he was unemployed from time to time. Many great scientist and engineers pay a high price just to do basic experiments. Many of these men did not have a lot of education; in fact all they had was a dream and a lot of passion to prove their theories. Never underestimate mans ability to work with his hands and make things work. Having the gift being an experimental scientist, engineer or technician is a gift from God. These people are hard to fine and are few. Education is very important but don’t get caught in the academic world of theories and equations. We have so many scientists writing books, articles, and white papers and nothing gets built. We need a combination of both, Theoretical and Experimental working together to advance science. I believe every theory should be proven in a Lab or the real world setting.


Please note the main reason I wrote this book is because I was working on advanced electromagnetic detection and imaging theories / equations and the classical physics did not fit / work while performing some of my experiments. In the real world I was getting very different results when running experiments than expected, the formulas and postulates did not work, and they did not account for natural events. And most of my discoveries were because my devices work but contradicted the standard model theories. Actually when my devices worked I could not fit any type of classical physics to them, but they worked. In most cases they resisted the physics we now live in. So I started to look at the current physics to see what was going on, this is also part of the reason I talk about classical physics. I try and make many comments in the classical physics descriptions
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