Andronics, Deep Penetrating Detection Equipment

Locating most of the 118 Elements by using the Earth’s Magnetic Field Existing Technology,  A new and advanced method of Magnetic Vibration Detection, Deep Penetration into the Earth crust "The inner Core" Utilizing, the earth as a transport and carrier of energies and data, this is USA technology, never used before and Only from America

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Precious Materials 7 Weapons Explosive Detector Equipment 
ASB  has also developed a Wall & Door Matt Detector. This is a Wall / Matt and a sensor used in front of an entranceway or other applications to detect Guns, Weapons, Explosives, Drugs,  and Non-Metal Objects. We call this the ASB-MATT & PANEL,  We also make the XE-118-Elements,  AGU-900-D, All of these units can go in and above the ground at different locations, or used as a simple Speed-bump Detector. This is very advanced technology and is the future of Detection, Detonation, and Disarming methods known to mankind. The methods used are “ The Disturbances Techniques” and can control and manipulate the Earth Motions Magnetic fields. This is technologies that the U.S. Government has control numbers for. These methods can change the events of history. A major corporation has tested these methods and was proven 100 % Arcuate, the above is cryptographic but it shows their hidden materials behind different objects. “Seeing through Buildings, Tanks, Vehicles, or just about anything at a long distance. This technology is also used with CCTV & IR Cameras, for facial recognition. Identification of before and after subjects using High Power Software and Hardware. ASB can provide these feature that reports to your cell phone.

In order to explain the theories and experiments that we use in the XE-118-Detector and other technologies, I need to give some background about the earth’s magnetic atmosphere, the geomagnetic field inside the Earth. I reference, books, articles, websites, and a few papers [cited at the end of this document]. We will then start to get into the theories of Pure Motion Movement (PMM). In a nutshell, we use the magnetic fields of the Earth to help locate, identify and transport the signals/data’s to and from the targets. The theories are very complex, and without a good background in physics, it may be hard to grasp the concepts, and this is one of many. So let’s start with the geomagnetic field inside the Earth and how they create magnetic motions.
This is a very advanced technology, available in Only certain countries  Email us for a full text of the paper


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