Andronics Super Blue has manufactured and developed a number of very specialize Military Equipment. This includes Long Range Bomb Detectors, High Altitude Elevation Drone Detectors, Weapons Radar Stations, Fast super-sonic Jet Fighters detectors, UAV and Stealthy Air-Craft camouflages, and identifying low flying noiseless aircraft &Missiles, applying the disturbance analyzers techniques, we employ many other methods. We deploy a Drone with a Magnetic Barrel that detects any disturbances in the atmosphere 24/7 in all weather. We are the only ones that make such a long range detector devices. ASB also uses very light weight KVA-19 protective shield to make our device bullet proof. Our sister company builds KVA-19 materials for all shield applications, for Police and Military, this material is less than half the weight of standard Armor." We protect the World"   ASB special shapes and geometric designs make this possible, and the rapid utilization.  

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XE-118-Elements Detector    "The Theory"

Andronics Super Blue (ASB) has designed and built a device named the (XE-118-Detector) that locates the most all materials (Elements), by sensing, and recognizing the disturbance in the Earth’s magnetic fields, and identifying any of the 118 elements in and near the target materials. The XE-118-Detector does not emit any signals or magnetic energies. How does it work? This is like having a very large Object Motion Magnetic Device that attracts all types of materials patterns (magnetic signatures) so we can determine and verified what it is, that also pertains to deep earth penetration and through the atmosphere. Basically the XE-118-Detector determines and detects what is disturbing the magnetic energies of the Earth as they travel through the Earth,  ( the earth has its own frequencies and vibration, as does all Elements); as the magnetic energies/fields propagate (tunneling a pathway) they are obstructed by the different type of materials (Solid, Liquid, Gases, most any objects that create a differential), so that the target material, or any other different materials / objects that do not match the surrounding materials /earth, a different of Potential or materials out of place. The XE-118-Detector is a very powerful magnetic vacuum or a magnetic suction device, it is almost impossible to defeat, or thwart when searching for target materials. This technology goes way be on "Ground Penetrating Radar" it can actually provide a detailed picture of the target and surrounding areas. It is also long range technologies, and not affected by large rock masses (building, earth formations), using the magnetic carrier fields of the Earth (creating a magnetic tunnel). We also use Magnetic Slicing Software, developing Signature Recognition Codes (SRC) that is sent to a computer, the SRC codes using a Disturbance Differential frequency Detection method.

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 The Detector Panel is for all entry ways, doors, buildings, schools, This Detector Panel comes in many different shapes and colors, as to Conceal Camouflage the total Panel. NO one make such a unit. We also make a Detector Panel that goes in the ground for numerous applications. In certain applications we apply a holographic effect so it is very hard to see the different Detector Panels.  Our conductive (special alloy) fibers make this possible.  

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