We work with many different countries around the Globe, Police, and Military. We can arrange a meeting if needed. The units saw here ASB-MATT can be placed on a wall or floor, and take the form of a 3-D picture hanging on a wall, but it has all the detection built into the back of it. It also has a hidden camera for before and after pictures, when it detects a person with a weapon of any kind, it LOCKS the doors and sounds an alarm, the ASB-Matt-01.  Manufactured in the USA under US Reg 18.   All products have an ECCN number assigned by the US Department of Commerce, Qualified buyers only   Contact: wbirchard@andronicssuperblue.com

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The AGU / XE-118 Materials Detectors Technology & Security Systems

The Theory of Operation: System Security

ASB technologies are totally different than any other methods in the world. We work on a disturbance motion theory. It is more than electromagnetic theories; it is a combination of creating a transport mechanism (bi-directions), a very low-level High power collector, setting up a transmit tunnel, and very sophisticated software to look at SRC coded patterns. This takes mechanical hardware, electronic hardware, and very fast software components. It takes many different disciplines to implement this technology, and make it work. All components used have to be in the correct position, in the units. In reality, it is also very much an art to design and built these units. These technologies have many far reaching applications. In fact, we are using only a very small fraction of its capabilities.  In some cases, we don’t need to send out and Pulsed Waves, it depends on the applications. ASB can set up a custom perimeter for most any area and detect a disturbance of any type within a given range. This, of course, is the Ultimate security system; it is very hard to defeat this system.

ASB has been working on this Technology for many years. We have experimented in our labs and a lab run by a Major contracted to Raytheon. We have perfected these methods over a 10 year period. It takes skill and resources to accomplish this technology; we have been able to package this technology in a number of devices. ASB also has other technologies to obtain different types of security. Our security, once set up is the best in the world. With ASB system we can setup a number of devices to monitor 24/7 a perimeter and location inside or outside of most any location. This means we can detect human movement, vehicle, or most any kind of aircraft with in a range of miles.   

ASB is basically in the business of security. We set up automated systems that can alert the user that a perimeter has been breached, with a very substantial amount of time. This gives the user time to deploy evasive means of clearing the target zone. In many cases, this is a life and death situation.

So the detectors we manufacture are just not only detectors, they provide a level of extra security. Let ASB know your requirements. Personal pocket units can be provided so each member of a team can be alerted when a long range breach is going to occur. These devices have many applications.            

A Pulsed Wave (PW)is transmitted to the target, it is comprised of rich harmonic frequencies. These high-frequency pulses are emitted from a special Triangle Antenna with a built in Coil. It is supplied by a push pull oscillator that changes phase and frequencies that vary with the Natural earth electromagnetic waves. The PW returns a signal that the LRRMD  reads and then will verify for certain Patterns, Signature Recognition Code (SRC). We call these (SRC) codes.  The LRRMD  then compares the SRC codes to an on-board database and alerts the user with the appropriate information.  Red- Materials in the target area, Yellow- a possible compound deployed in a container and  98 % chance of explosive, Green- No explosive detected in the target area. It also has an OLED display, Top down view.  All of this material and apparatus are protected by Patented bullet proof materials.   


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