We work with many different countries around the Globe, Police, and Military. We can arrange a meeting if needed. The units saw here ASB-MATT can be placed on a wall or floor, and take the form of a 3-D picture hanging on a wall, but it has all the detection built into the back of it. It also has a hidden camera for before and after pictures, when it detects a person with a weapon of any kind, it LOCKS the doors and sounds an alarm, the ASB-Matt-01.  Manufactured in the USA under US Reg 18.   All products have an ECCN number assigned by the US Department of Commerce, Qualified buyers only   Contact: wbirchard@andronicssuperblue.com

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The New units can detect Weapons, Knives, and different Explosive Materials, Protection for Schools and All buildings, The ASB-MATT-01 It can be placed on a Road Check Point or Guard Post, Ask about a Demo, and We use Advance Motion Barrel Technology

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We now sell a 4-SET ABS-UNITS that will cover 4 doors/entry ways and a complete Turn-Key System with door locks, and alarms, so no bad guys get in, killing no one. This is used for schools. Business, and homes. These total systems can prevent mass killings

In most cases, the ASB-MATT-01 is also bullet proof, adding a level of protection for most any one, and our new Holograph deflection gear can be applied so the bad guys have a very hard time to see you,  “you can't shoot what you can't see"

We can now provide a free demo in the USA, out of the US is very hard and cost money.

Email our team or, ask for a short paper on the technology

This is very advanced materials and Technology, only from the USA

We now sell the Hammer Head, AGU-900-D, and the most advanced XE-118-Detector small short range cloaked unit.

The ASB-MATT-01 for the doorways, but can be as a Wall Matt / Detector Panel, ASB is the Only manufacture of this type of product, We have been working on this New disturbance Differential hardware and software for over 25 years. We have patents on the hardware and Software and ECCN number assigned by the US department of commerce 

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