We work with many different countries around the Globe, Police, and Military. We can arrange a meeting if needed. The units saw here ASB-MATT can be placed on a wall or floor, and take the form of a 3-D picture hanging on a wall, but it has all the detection built into the back of it. It also has a hidden camera for before and after pictures, when it detects a person with a weapon of any kind, it LOCKS the doors and sounds an alarm, the ASB-Matt-01.  Manufactured in the USA under US Reg 18.   All products have an ECCN number assigned by the US Department of Commerce, Qualified buyers only   Contact: wbirchard@andronicssuperblue.com

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We maintain a very low profile throughout the world; we do this for security, as our technology is a very well-guarded secret. Contact ASB for a discrete conversation.    

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