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Deep penetration  

Advanced Disturbance Detection From the USA

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New Earth Fields units are coming, "Penetrating deep into the Earth"  

Active Unit (XE-118-Detector, AGU-900-D) Send and Receive

Active Technologies used in the family of detectors

PWO A two frequencies Oscillator Power Unit Driver 

More than 118 Elements will be founded, by SRC methods 

The Active Gun Unit (AGU-900, XE-118-Detector, a HandHeld Explosive Detector) can also detect any anomaly (disturbances) in the PMM energy force fields by using an active signal set of Pulses Wave Oscillations (PWO) transmissions that disturb the PMM, it then converts the resultant signals from the PWO to SRC codes; producing very useful table of data identification all of the 118 elements and assigning a useful type of numbering system to them. This is what makes the Time Domain Disturbance Motion Energy Field theories so exciting. This is a real usable technology. We use these technologies in our advanced material explosive detectors, and other devices.

These theories presented here are the foundations of most of my inventions. When I was conducting some of my experiments and building test equipment I discovered that the results of my experiments did not agree, with standard physics equations (laws of physics as we know them). In some cases the physics I applied was new. These new types of theories mostly pertain to detecting, identification, and most importantly were assigning a Fixed Magnetic Motions Identifying Nomenclature Numbering System (FMMINNS) for each of the 118 Elements (a numerical numbering scheme for Elements and Combinations of Materials to motions magnetic). Creating a fixed magnetic identifying nomenclature numbering system was critical to developing a Materials Standardized Database. A Materials Standardized Database contains all of the motion's magnetic numerical data so the detectors can perform a comparison when it locates any of the 118 elements or any combination of elements/materials. These transmissions can be sent in space and around the world using deep layered sub-atom earth waves., that reach into the Earth and separate slices of the magnetic firmament, the glue that completes the Great Expand. " This is gravity made by God", "A gift from JESUS".  

Our Experience

I have diverted from the subject matter “How to build an Explosive Detector that will find and locate most materials" (118 Elements)on the Planet Earth. The reason I did this is that the reader has to know the theories behind the technologies, and methods, they are critical to understanding the technologies and how the equipment I designed works, and of course how and why they will enhance our life on the Planet Earth (how to use them). This foreknowledge encompasses a lot of different fields of study, and I needed to give a good explanation of the process I use. So the background is imperative to learn, I repeat things offend for clarity purposes. In this paper I did not go through the mathematics because it is hard enough to learn the theories, the math is coming in another paper. I also wanted the paper(blue paper) to flow and be easily understood, I did my best to make things clear and simple, but this was a real task, as it is so complex because many subjects that are discussed. I started out to create a base-line and some reference of solid studies and experiments done by some credible organization, like SWARM, I tried to use many references as possible without getting too far off the intended subject. I then go deep into the theories and then some practical equipment that I built, almost all the equipment works well. I did not go through the hardware and software design and build because once more it is too complex to go through, the algorithms and Big Data visualization get very deep and how to write the code on a high level such as C++ and Python and some Assembler Code, and Digital Signal Processing (DSP). The Radio Frequencies code and analog receivers are more than this paper can handle. I do address these areas in other papers as I have personally written most of the code. The Big Data Visualization needs to be addressed to make sense of it (The data gathered with this equipment is so vast I will need a large amount of memory to display it), once more a complex task, and this is just for a simple detector, a lot to do. So bear with me as we take the technology nightmare. Oh yes, I have a first and second Preface also, kind of my style. I do show a lot of equipment and it may be hard to understand and see what the illustration is, in this case, you may need to contact me and I will have to explain them. I need to have some good mpg (videos) but money and time are limited. I also had to make much of my equipment and the pictures may not look good, but they work. I have been working on these inventions for many years and I realized some of my writing is convoluted, but the information and data are in the paperwork, once more bear with me. This is very good and solid technology and I have patent-pending, this technology can set up a spaceport and there will no longer be and internet, it will be totally different, this is the new space techno leap, it will reach the stars, and beyond.